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We always work and be dedicated to manufacturing smart equipment. 



  • Quality recognition, invited to participate in major exhibitions at home and abroad








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  • Free on-site training debugging









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  • 24 hours of careful service









Grow together with you

  • Build GHBM 根号 intelligent equipment manufacturing base















GHBM has a professional operation team, including marketing team, pre-sales service team, technical research and development team, industrial design team, etc. Relying on the advantages of mature R&D technology, GHBM has a comprehensive grasp of the core technologies of CNC system, hybrid power system and hydraulic system.





















The GHBM account service team includes professional teams such as pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, and customer training. From technical process consultation, visits and inspections, customer reception, factory site planning, machine installation commission, free training, machine maintenance and other 7*24 hours quick response services.




















As a leading company in the field of sheet metal industry segmentation, GHBM's products cover many countries and regions. Every year, it is invited to participate in major global exhibitions including: ITES Shenzhen International Machinery Exhibition, MACHINE TOOL INDONESIA, Cross-Strait Machinery and Electronics International Exhibition, etc. Assist enterprises to implement smart manufacturing in place.

















Craftsmanship, change the future


GHBM is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing intelligent bending equipment solutions for users around the world. It has always focused on the field of bending intelligent equipment manufacturing. It has a professional and independent core R&D team for bending intelligent equipment, and adheres to: high efficiency, energy saving, Environmentally friendly and compatible product development concept. So as to become China's outstanding bending intelligent equipment manufacturer!




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                                                      Popular Products                                   Down-stroke CNC Press Brake                       Large Pressure CNC Bending Machine            Pump Control CNC Press Brake

                                                      Pump Control CNC Press Brake           GH-5020NT                                                      GH-3260NT                                                      GHBend8025ES


                                                      CNC V-Grooving Machine                     GH-8025NT                                                      GH-4060NT                                                      GHBend1232ES


                                                      CNC Down-stroke Press Brake             GH-1032NT                                                      GH-5060NT                                                      GHBend2042ES


                                                      NC Upstroke Press Brake                      GH-1632NT                                                      GH-8060NT


                                                                                                                     GH-1642NT                                                       Upstroke NC Press Brake                                 GHBM 根号 Brand


                                                      CNC V-Grooving Machine                     GH-2042NT                                                      GH-3512NT                                                       Application Video


                                                      GH-3200NT                                           GH-2542NT                                                      GH-6020NT                                                      E-Catalogue Download


                                                      GH-4200NT                                           GH-3232NT                                                      GH-8025NT                                                      Follow us                                 


                                                      GH-6200NT                                           GH-3242NT                                                      GH-1030NT                                                      Get the latest news of GHBM in the first time


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